2020 - 2021 League Management Committee

You are reminded that league officials should not be contacted by telephone after 9.00pm


Chris Hockett


Tom Clarke


Dave Allen

Vice Chairman & Media

Colin Henwood

Registration Secretary

Paul Brown

Result Card Secretary

Jackie Pavitt

Marketing Officer

James Allen

Welfare Officer

Madeline Northwood

SUFC Co-Ordinator

Richard Bailey

U11 Fixtures Secretary

Garry Neave-Houghting

U12 Fixtures Secretary

Jason Coss

U13 Fixtures Secretary

Paul Salter

U14 Fixtures Secretary

Robert Collins

U15 Fixtures Secretary

Jackie Pavitt

U16 Fixtures Secretary

Jackie Pavitt

U17 & 18 Fixtures Secretary

Chris Hocket

U11 & 12 Ref Secretary

Carol Henwood

U13 & 14 Ref Secretary

Robert Collins

U15 & 16 Ref Secretary

Larry Johnson

U17 & 18 Ref Secretary

Chris Hockett

Executive Committee Member

Terry Scudder