2023 - 2024 League Management Committee

You are reminded that league officials should not be contacted by telephone after 9.00pm


Chris Hockett


Dave Allen


Dave Allen

Vice Chairman & Media

Colin Henwood

Registration Secretary

Garry Neve Houghting

Result Card Secretary

Jackie Pavitt

Welfare Officer

Madeline Northwood

SUFC Co-Ordinator

Richard Bailey


Tom Clarke

U11 Fixtures Secretary

Rob Woodcock

U12 Fixtures Secretary

Jason Coss

U13 Fixtures Secretary

Paul Salter

U14 Fixtures Secretary

Robert Collins

U15 Fixtures Secretary

Jackie Pavitt

U16 Fixtures Secretary

Jackie Pavitt

U17 & 18 Fixtures Secretary

Nick Pavitt

U11 & 12 Ref Secretary

Carol Henwood

U13 & 14 Ref Secretary

Robert Collins

U15 & 16 Ref Secretary

Larry Johnson

U17 & 18 Ref Secretary

Chris Hockett