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Closed Dates 21/22

The only league closed dates this season are 19th December and 2nd January  

Each team can request a further 2 closed dates with 21 days notice

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Charter Standard League

23/06/2021 07:52:00

Your at-a-glance guide to junior football

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Registration Deadline

The LMC have decided to change registration deadline day to 31st March for this season.
Rule L should still be observed. A Player shall not be eligible to play for a Team in any special championship, promotion or relegation deciding Competition Match (as specified in Rule 22(A)) unless the Player has played four Competition Matches for that Team in the current Playing Season.

04/02/2021 08:17:00

Cancelling fixtures due to Covid-19

Cancelling a fixture if a players tests positive for Covid-19 ?

If there is a player who has tested positive, they must from that point self-isolate (or if they have symptoms, the moment of symptoms.) NHS Test and Trace will pick up from this point. The player's parent should contact NHS 111.

The club can carry on, but be mindful to ensure all the guidelines are strictly followed on social distancing, hand washing etc. If Test and Trace contact you, you must provide the details and then if deemed anyone needs to isolate on their instructions, do so.

The notice of a requirement to cancel a fixture must be made as soon as it known , This notice must come from the club secretary or officer of the club (chairman , Treasurer or Covid officer) not the team manager and be sent to the League Secretary ,relevant Age group Fixtures secretary and Referees Secretary.

The opposition must be informed immediately along with the Match referee should one be appointed.

What happens if I have a played an opposition team and one of their players has tested positive for Covid-19?

Match Play is not considered "close contact" so no action is needed unless individuals experience symptoms. In which case they must self isolate from that point as per Government guidance.

17/10/2020 12:47:00

Referee Appointments Process

Welcome back to those managers returning and new managers and Under 11 teams.



Please check with your Club to see if there is a person within your Club that notifies the league of all your clubs age groups teams match details who have home games weekly.


In which case you do not need to contact your Fixtures Secretary or Referees Secretary.


If you use Southend Council pitches again you do not need to advise the League.


The league will be notified of match details by the Councils pitch agent.


If there is no one in your Club with this role then you would e mail the appropriate fixtures secretary and referees secretary when you have home fixtures ideally by Monday evening prior to the Sunday game where possible. 


Information Required to be included in notifications.

In subject box of e-mail. Notifying Match Details.

Full Team Name     

Age Group

Division or Cup

Kick Off Time       


Pitch Number

Grass or 3G Pitch



Changes to Match Details or Status of Games. Games Postponed or Cancelled.


Must be notified to the following ASAP

Fixtures Secretary so the FA Full Time can be updated with accurate information.

Referees Secretary as any changes may impact on referee appointments process.


Match Official if appointed



FA Full Time Site.


Clubs or Teams as appropriate advise Fixtures Secretarys of match details.


The age appropriate Fixtures Secretary for your age group will add match details onto the FA Full Time Site.


Match details on FA Full Time site are for guidance.

The onus is on you to check information is accurate.


If information is wrong advise your Fixtures Secretary & Referees Secretary without delay.



Referee appointments process.


Once match details are notified.

Once referees advise their availability.

Only then can referee appointments process commence.


How successful an individual referees secretary can be any given week will be determined by:


What fixtures are set at what time and where game is being played.


Which referees are available, at what time they are available and where they can travel to.


Youth Referees are reliant on parents providing transport.


Youth Referees: can only be appointed to games around their playing commitments and having regard to any Club Connection they may have.


That a game is suitable for a referees age and experience.


Referees under 16 years of age as a Maximum can only officiate games ONE year below their actual age.




Time Scales Appointments Process:


Individual Referees Secretary's will aim to complete their appointments by a Wednesday evening.

Other commitments permitting.


Once all referees who have advised their availability are appointed to games.


A list of ALL age group games where a match official has NOT been appointed will be circulated to every referee on the leagues list in the hope either a referee will become available at short notice or maybe a referee who has already been appointed to One game can officiate an additional game.


The League can appoint League Match Officials up to 9pm on a Thursday evening each week


ONLY after the 9pm Thursday deadline has passed are you at liberty to try and arrange your own match official.


BUT NOT by contacting League Match Officials DIRECT Even after the 9pm DEADLINE.


If you have a league appointed referee you will either have an automated e-mail from FA Full Time confirming a referee or text message.


You can manually check on the FA Full Time System- You do not have to Log in to do this.

Follow the steps below: Manually Check Full Time.



FA Full Time System Notifications:

If you have been appointed a League Match Official.


If you are included on the FA Full Time System and you have verified your e-mail address. responded to invites from the system.

An automated e-mail will be generated to the designated Primary Contact for your Team.


The automated e-mail will include the match officials name and contact details. If the referee is Under 18 years of age a Parent's contacts will be listed. Mobile and e-mail address.


The automated e-mail should also include your Opposition managers contact details provided these have been provided to the league by the Club.



Manually Check Full Time.


If you are not receiving automated e-mails from FA Full Time.

Go to league FA Website.

You can access via the leagues website www.sdjsfl.co.uk

Look for FA Full Time.

This will take you to the Leagues Main Page.

There is a Menu Section going across the page.

Click on REFS.

Then set for your Age Group  Division or Cup

Set Sunday date.

If a referee has been appointed a referees name will appear to the extreme right of your fixture.


Full Time will be constantly being updated so keep checking.



Contact with appointed League Match Official:


As soon as you have been appointed a League Match Official.

Contact should be made to confirm match details, give directions to ground and pitch.

Swap contact details: Mobile numbers.

Method of payment of Match Fee to be agreed.

Either by BACS Transfer or Cash.

Payment by BACS must be received by the referee within 48 hours of game.

Cash should be put in an envelope on the day. Social distancing to be observed.


No League Match Official Appointed.

In the absence of the League being able to appoint a League Match Official League Rule 23 B Applies www.sdjsfl.co.uk


A parent referee takes on the full powers and duties of a referee.

Youths under the age of 14 cannot participate either as a referee or Club Assistant.

FA Regulations. Youth referees under 16 years of age can only officiate games ONE year below their actual age.



Match Officials Fees:


Go to League Website  www.sdjsfl.co.uk

League Rules: Click on Read More: Referees Fees are listed Schedule A.

Agree method of payment with your match official when making contact to confirm match details.


Club Assistant Referees:


It is entirely at the discretion of your appointed match official if they DO or DO NOT require Club Assistants.

If the referee requires Club Assistants each team manager should introduce the volunteer.

So the referee can give instructions.

You cannot insist on having a Club Assistant Referee.


If the match official does require a Club Assistant.

The referee will stipulate what their duties are and more importantly are not.

Any Club Assistants acting inappropriately.

The match official can remove and ask for a replacement.

Club Assistants should not be coaching players.


Club Assistant Flags:


Regardless of whether you are the designated Home or Away Team.

Each team should provide ONE Assistant Referee Flag.

Teams will be responsible for sanitizing. Before game starts. At half time if there is a change to the Assistant, At end of game.


Named Substitutes:


You are allowed a maximum of Five named Substitutes.

If you have a squad larger than 14 players 9 v 9 or 16 players 11 v11. Only Five can be named and can play.


The names of your Five substitutes should be given to your match official at least Five minutes prior to Kick Off.


Only the players whose names have been given to the match official prior to match start. Can take part.


Tip. If you have players who may arrive late or you just don't if they are coming or not.

Give their names to the match official and add them to your Match Result Book.

To avoid possible disappointment.


Roll On  Off Substitutions: Procedures as per IFAB Law 3.

To replace a player with a substitute, the following must be observed.

The match official must be informed before any substitution is made.

The player being substituted receives the referees permission to leave the field of play, unless already off the field and must leave by the nearest point on the boundary line unless  the referee indicates that the player may leave directly and immediately at the half way line or another point e.g. safety security  injury.


Must go immediately to the technical area or dressing room and takes no further part in the match, except where return      substitutions are permitted.


The player being replaced is not obliged to leave on the halfway line and takes no further part in the match, except where  return substitutions are permitted

If a player who is to be substituted refuses to leave, play continues

The substitute only enters:

During a stoppage in play

At the halfway lineĀ·       

After the player being replaced has left

After receiving a signal from the referee.

Player gives the referee his/her name.

The substitution is completed when a substitute enters the field of play; from that moment, the replaced player becomes a substituted player and the substitute becomes a player and can take any restart.


All substituted players and substitutes are subject to the referees authority whether they play or not.



Changing the Goalkeeper:


Any of the players may change places with the goalkeeper if:

The referee is informed before the change is made

The change is made during a stoppage in play.

Refer to IFAB Law 3 Offences



Sin Bins:


Be aware Sin Bins DO APPLY this Season for incidences of Dissent for players so please be proactive and make this known to your players and parents.


Is time played Any Stoppages in play are not included.

Your Referee is the sole arbitor of time in relation to Sin Bins any additional time to signal the end of the game.


Managers & Coaches can be Yellow OR Red Carded this Season if their conduct is in breach of the FA Code of Conduct for Managers and Coaches.




Spectators should not stand behind the goals.



Corner Posts and Flags should be provided.

Not Training Poles




Match Balls.

Home Team should provide Two suitable Footballs on the referees arrival at ground.



Essex County Cup Games:

Essex County Cup Officer will be responsible for trying to appoint a match official.



19/09/2020 07:30:00

Latest Covid Guidance

Respect Barriers

It is up to each club to determine if the disinfecting process is too onerous to put up a Respect barrier.

An alternative (such as training cones) could be used to mark where spectators should stand.

Cancelling games because of  Self Isolation requirements

If any of your teams has to cancel a fixture because of self isolation then you should  -- 

  • If  7 days or more in advance of the fixture please notify your League fixture secretary  who will cancel the fixture on Full Time
  • Within 6 days or less before League rule 20E(ii) will apply  Fixtures Sec , Referees Sec ,  opposition and match official need to be advised.
  • A charge will be raised in relation to the cancellation , where you club will be required to answer the charge accordingly stating reasons for cancellation   --  The LMC will obviously look on all cases of cancellations for self isolation favourably and the match is likly to be rearranged without penalty.
15/09/2020 18:15:00

Covid 19 guidance